Uzoamaka Letticia Egwuonwu-Anene


Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries is a multifaceted ministries with an International oriented movement declared by the Lord and mandated through the Prophet of God Uzoamaka Letticia Egwuonwu-Anene, who has been given the vision and power to minister across the globe. It began with the biblical mandate of Isaiah 58:6-7:

“Is this not the fast which I choose,
To loosen the bonds of wickedness,
To undo the bands of the yoke,
And to let the oppressed go free
And break every yoke?

“Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry
And bring the homeless poor into the house;
When you see the naked, to cover him;
And not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

Prophet Amaka Anene was raised in the admonition of the Lord; she received salvation in 2002, and soon after, received the gift of the Holy Spirit. In response to these life-altering events, Amaka Anene experienced proliferated spiritual growth that catapulted her into ministering the Word of God with a prophetic mandate.

Amaka’s avid desire to rejuvenate the church with the presence and power of God invoked her to dedicate forty days to fasting and prayer. During this time of consecration, she began publicly to minister in churches, home bible study groups and women conferences, with anointing and mantle that the Lord had placed on her life. Many manifestations of miraculous healing, deliverances and restorations were recorded and continued to follow her ministry locally, nationally and internationally. These encounters fully confirmed and catalyzed her fire for the Kingdom of God and she continued to walk in her prophetic calling.

In 2010, God used Prophet Amaka to miraculously bring life back to a dying man in Galveston County of Texas; USA after his doctors had exhausted all known medical treatments, and contacted his next of kin and clergy for his last rite: doctors gave up hope on him without a surety of his survival till the next morning. But by divine mandate the Lord spoke to Prophet Amaka about him Richardson and with the anointing very powerful upon her that the Lord woke her up to start praying and speaking in tongues for two hours nonstop, and the Lord caused his soul to return to him that night and today he is alive and well with his family in League City Texas USA.

With many outstanding testimonies to attest to the divine of God on her life, she has touched many lives in different parts of the world. Her ministry is characterized with diverse miraculous healings and manifestations of the move God – people with cancers and different kinds of tumors were healed, including one of our sister Claudette’s brother in-law residing in Canada; who lay dying in the hospital sick bed and today the man that the “Hospital called the sickest man” is now alive and well and in addition his Insurance company settled his claims that were previously denied. These and many other souls are being saved till this day. Since then, Prophet Amaka has received countless invitations to minister at prominent engagements, including the Gathering of Apostles, Bishops, conference leaders and ministries in Africa.

As the ministry moves on, Prophet Amaka Anene has become an internationally recognized prophetic voice. As a preacher of Holiness and student of the Word, Amaka Anene serves the Lord with all humility and passion. God has equipped Prophet Amaka to see and speak into the spirit realm− to confirm and to change the miraculous and continual testimonies attributed to her ministry. These are immense with many reporting physical and mental healing, financial breakthroughs, favorable winning political seats and legal outcomes, debt cancellations, miracle babies and nullifying barrenness and favorable job placements. Although the power and glory of God are made manifest without exception, it is not a myth that the office of a prophet is shaped with overwhelming and unrealized persecution, however, the blessings and promises of God continue to engulf the life of Prophet Amaka Anene proving God’s faithfulness and divine hand upon his ministry.


Reverend Ebenezer is an ordained Minister of the gospel. He has been teaching and equipping believers in the Houston area and other cities within the United States of America and abroad, and many have been impacted and come to understand the work of God. He has been involved in Christian ministry for over 25 years as an active bible teacher and Trustee for Webster Baptist church in City of Webster and actively involved in many other nondenominational Christian organizations. Ebenezer was a leader in the Bible Study Fellowship Ministry (BSF) several years ago.


Seasoned with compassion, revelatory insight, and personal forthrightness, Dr. Mrs. Amaka Anene translates Spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to activate purpose and maximize potential. She appeared on popular TV and radio programs in Kampala Uganda, as well as keynotes on international platforms that touch thousands with the Gospel.


Reaching beyond the pulpit, Dr. Amaka Anene’s  ministry extends to the global mission field. By joining forces with partners around the globe Dr. Amaka, the Visionary Leader of PAAHM Ministries International engages in medical missions, orphanage, and capacity building those in need with tools that will change the course of their lives and communities.