Our Mission

About Us

Prophetic Awareness and Healing Ministries International, the umbrella body of the many tasks the Lord gave to Prophet Amaka and her husband Rev Ebenezer Anene; is an apostolic and prophetic ministry with the mandate to create awareness of the role the prophetic ministry in the body of Christ. We teach the rudiments of prayers and pray without ceasing. Prophetic Awareness Ministry is word based and trains believers to discover their inherent potentials, nurture it in readiness to impact the world using their spiritual gifts. We open doors for national and global ministry and raise Apostles in the market place and train them to do business as means of becoming wealthy men and women of the kingdom. We encourage career growth and help open enterprenual opportunities available to men. The is a ministry and church that is ordained to preach, teach through the fivefold ministry of Jesus Christ to the saints

With faith and total confidence in the mercy and saving grace of God, evil strongholds are broken, destinies birthed and breakthrough of lives emerge, unending miracles abound. Destinies are divinely decorated, History of families rewritten forever to the glory of God.

Our goal is to help strengthen the church by helping believers become the strongest Christians possible, and help them become true light and salt of the earth. This is the focus around which every aspect of the ministry revolves.

Who We Are

We are a kingdom minded movement with a missionary mindset, a care giving church and a mercy based outreaches. We provide platforms for kingdom investors called to tear down walls and build up walls for the kingdom of God!

The following is a brief description of the different facets of Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries listed below:

About Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries Conferences

It has become evident that in this 21st century conferences have taken the place of seminars as the main instructive format for the future leaders of the church. Since 2012, PAAHM began sponsoring conferences as a way to help equip and train future leaders of the church of Christ. Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries from the first conference started drawing thousands of people from across the globe. A spectrum of the body of Christ had got to travel from other countries to attend our life transforming and impactful conferences. It has been a basic goal for each conference to be better and more effective than the previous ones and by divine enablement; we have upheld the same standard with even more impactful methods added to our existing record of excellence. Each conference continues to be highly charged with spiritual energy, in-depth teaching and training with great miraculous visitations of the power of God. Some of these have been credited with sending waves of refreshing and encouragement throughout the body of Christ. Training conferences are a core aspect of Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries that is like a nuclear critical mass that keeps the energy and fire increasing in every other part of the ministry.