Our Believes and Core Values

Our Believes and Core Values

Knowing and depending upon God

The Lord reveals Himself to and through His Church; Christ in us is the hope of glory.


This is our essential link in communing with God, the foundational work in global mission and the primary way of knowing how to accomplish His purposes on earth.

Worship & Service

Our service to God is our greatest form of worship and is at the center of everything we do as believers. We are contributors not consumers. Therefore, our worship songs are the inspiration and the expression of a lifestyle dedicated holistically to serving God by serving others.

Global Vision & Local Impact

We believe that global change starts in small communities. We will impact the world through global   mission field by empowering individuals within local communities. Our goal is to reach the world one person at a time.


We believe that the favor of God is directly connected to our obedience, character, honesty, faith, and transparency. We strive to maintain Christian ethics that reflect the culture of the Kingdom of God and the personality of our Heavenly Father as described in the Fruit of the Spirit in the book of Galatians 5:22-23.


We whole-heartedly believe in generational blessing.  We invest in the next generation. We create and pass on generational blessings spiritually, financially, and educationally.


We believe that every individual has been endowed with all they need to fulfill their purpose by helping them discover their unrealized potential. We maximize potential by activating a person’s individual gifts and abilities through our Kingdom-based empowerment strategies. We acknowledge, activate and celebrate each person’s significance.


We understand that our purpose is directly connected to the problems that we have been called to solve. Problems are divine opportunities to prosper. We refuse to complain when confronted with problems. Instead, we strive to create solutions and then faithfully wait to celebrate the promotion that will inevitably result.


We are committed to the creation of supportive and conducive environments that welcomes a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and cultures. With this in mind, we understand the power of “team work” and “corporate responsibility” in fulfilling the unique vision and mandate we have received.

Living out the truth of the Word of God humbly and consistently in love, in moral, financial, and relational matters (Eph. 4:15).



Sharing the gospel with others is the intentional overflow of a Christian’s life in God. We are witnesses of His divine power and revelation of God to mankind as we preach the gospel of the kingdom for the end time harvest of souls.


We believe in capacity building, because when ordinary people are empowered to maximize their potential, they produce extraordinary results. Giving increases our capacity to impact lives and to do more in empowering them. In order to grow and expand we give extravagantly-we give of our time, talent, and treasure. Every human being has the ability to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of their community by engaging in a capacity building process.

PAAHM has been constructed on a strong foundation of core beliefs and values that we find central to fulfilling the vision and mission given to this ministry.

Presence of God:

Valuing and living in God’s presence and walking in deep intimacy with Him is vital in allour ministry. Jesus only spoke what He heard the Father say; He only did what He saw the Father do (John 12:50; 5:19).

Pursuit of God:

Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross was more than enough to wash away our sins and give us full access to God. However, we hunger and thirst for more of Christ to be revealed in our lives and ministry for His glory (Ps. 63:1-3).


Our relationship with God will overflow in life and ministry with other believers.


We are to extend mercy for the physical and spiritual needs of believers and unbelievers alike – for the poor, widows and orphans, etc. (James 1:27).


Jesus prayed that we would be one as He is one with the Father (John 17:21-23). The synergy of oneness with Him, His purposes and one another release the greater power of unity: “five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.” (Lev. 26:8). As God’s people, we are to reflect His oneness in life, truth and power.

Negotiable doctrines and practices allow the body of Christ to unify under the common banner of Christ's death and resurrection. Our diverse national and ethnic origins, gift mixes, and worship experiences express His richness and glory.


We partner together to uphold values, purpose and mission with total submission God; in faith through Christ.


The purpose of the five-fold ministry is to equip the saints for the work of ministry. We freely and holistically release all the truths we have received from God with the intention to impact on peoples of the earth by His divine ability. Knowing that all we have is of His grace, we do ministry through prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching, training and work of mercy.

WAITING - 100%
REAPING - 100%


SOWER was founded to serve three (3) basic aspects of the overall vision of Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries.
First is, to equip, carry out oversight function, and support ministries related to Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries.
Second is to create a platform for synergy between Prophetic Awareness & Healing Ministries with likeminded ministries from many different parts of the world the body of Christ. We are going to promote cooperation amongst interested ministries and ministers of the gospel in carrying out our ministry objectives, share ideas and bear burdens together in the mission field.
The third is for the mobilizing of spiritual forces for the sake of the gospel. Several long-term goals of SOWER include:
1. Providing support for prophetic/apostolic missionary teams, to include intercessory prayer on their behalf, spiritual covering, financial support, and housing for the families of those called to the field for a long period.
2. The continual teaching and prophetic input into PAAHM members that keeps them in touch with, and in the world-shattering of the great spiritual advances of our times,
3. Overseeing of members and their ministries for the sake of helping them fulfill their purpose, and accountability,
4. Being a resource center for the missions and ministries associated to aid each in the fulfillment of their mission.


Seasoned with compassion, revelatory insight, and personal forthrightness, Dr. Mrs. Amaka Anene translates Spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to activate purpose and maximize potential. She appeared on popular TV and radio programs in Kampala Uganda, as well as keynotes on international platforms that touch thousands with the Gospel.


Reaching beyond the pulpit, Dr. Amaka Anene’s  ministry extends to the global mission field. By joining forces with partners around the globe Dr. Amaka, the Visionary Leader of PAAHM Ministries International engages in medical missions, orphanage, and capacity building those in need with tools that will change the course of their lives and communities.

A Global Movement with A Prophetic & Apostolic Mandate.

Prophet Amaka Anene PAAHM